2012 Yearly Up Date
01/02/2013 02:51 pm
 2012 Yearly Up Dates
HeadStones Genealogy
1. New Headstones, 2,068 names added to the data base.
    We have added new headstones for TX,CA and OK
    To search threw the names to see if we have what you need go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/search.php
2. We Started adding GPS readings for the headstones this year.
   1. So far we have readings for some cemeteries in TX and OK
3. There is a new page called Gravestone Symbols added to the site this year too.
    1. We have added 46 photos and there meanings to this page so far.
4.We have just started a You Tube Page that will show cemetery grounds and hopefully starting  
   a Vlog here soon.
   1. so far we have added 3 videos to this site to take a look at what we got so far got to
5. We are having a Special for the website for this month only.  A 1 year sine on is only $14.99 for the year instead of the $39.95. To get this you will need to sine on buy the end of January.
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