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Is This How We Treat Our Heroes?  06/17/2009 06:22 pm
Found these Videos on You Tube about the Fort Bliss National Cemetery in TX and got the ok from the maker to post them here too all of you to view. This is sad on how our Heroes are being treated there. Take a look for yourself.  If you would like to share how you feel in the comments box please do so. We would love to here what you think. 
** SPECIAL MESSAGE ** "All of us at HSG would like to thank all the families who served in US Armed Forces during war time and peace time as well, without your sacrifice both for the individual who served and their families who sacrificed so much we THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS !!! We wouldn't have the freedoms we have today. Love to all our Service men/ and women who served this great nation and their families."-HSG-
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Georgia Historical and Genealogical Societies  05/18/2009 03:12 pm
We just have added more Historical and Genealogical Societies to our website. This time its the ones in Georgia. We hope this helps your search and if you know of any we do not have feel free to let us know about them so we can help others find them too. Thank you and we hope you all injoy the website and find what you need.
To find out what once we do have just go to
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Cemeteries in Ohio  05/04/2009 02:11 pm
We have added 5 cemeteries to our free cemetery search page and added some of the headstone pictures to those cemeteries to our data base just as well. We Thank Tandy Cook for giving us this information to share with you.  The cemeteries are in the counties of  Ross, Muskingum and Guernsey in Ohio. We hope this information will help you with your family. If you have any that you would like to donate for this website just as well please contact us at tnt@headstonesgenealogy.com . Thank you to everyone who has helped.
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Tennesse Cemeteries We Need Help With  04/28/2009 04:03 pm
If anyone has or would like to donate there time to taking pictures of the cemeteris listed below that would be a great help.
1. Tubbs Cemetary near Hurricane Creek, Humphrey County
2. Little Rock Cemetery located on Mill Rd near Weaverly, TN
3. Liberty Hills Methodist Church in Morristown, Hamblen County, TN
Any help on any of these Cemteries would help, we have people who are intrested and asking about them. If you do have photos of other cemteries in this area or other areas you do not see and would like to donate them to the site then please contact us at tnt@headstonesgenealogy.com .
Thank You From All Of Us At HeadStones Genealogy
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Adding More TN Headstones  04/22/2009 04:12 pm
We have added some new pictures to Hamblen Memory Gardens Cemetery to our website. We know have 1187 headstones up there so far and a lot more to get ready to put up. We are also getting pictures form Bethesda Cemetery ready for the website too. We hope to start adding some of those two in the next couple of weeks. We have other to see what we have done and just go to our free cemetery web page and it will let you know how many pictures and are up and if we have taken any in that cemetery yet. If any one wants to help out and pick a cemetery from our list that are not done or do not have on there yet please contact us we would love to exchange photos for free time on our website.
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