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Peach Creek Cemetery in Brazos Co., College Station TX  01/07/2012 02:51 pm
We have finished taking the pictures at Peach Creek Cemetery in Brazos Co, College Station TX. We need to get them ready and as soon as they are all up we will let you know. Hope this will help you find who you may be looking for in this area. When you do visit this cemetery it is in good condition but there is some broken old headstones and some where they have not leveled the dirt on the grave yet but other then that it is safe to walk threw and kept clean.
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Historic Morristown Cemetery in TN  01/03/2012 01:30 pm
We have finished adding the Historic Morristown Cemetery in Hamblen Co. TN. We have taken the photos in 2006. At the time they had been keeping the front side of the cemetery clean and have just cleaned out the back side of the cemetery so we went to get the photos. We hope they have been keeping up with the back side and fixed the broken headstones. But we have not been in the area scents the beginning part of 2007 so if you have been buy please let us know if they have been keeping it up would be nice to know how it is doing. Thank you and hope this helps you find the information you have been looking for.
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November 2011 Up Dates  01/16/2012 01:36 pm
November 2011 Up Dates
HeadStones Genealogy
1. New Headstones, 445 in total for the month of November.
We have added new headstones for TX and TN and more coming for both states this coming month.
To search threw the names to see if we have what you need go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/search.php
2. Cemetery List
  1.Alexander Cemetery in Brazos Co. TX
  2. Steep Hollow Cemetery in Brazos Co. TX (added grounds pic.)
To Search threw the free cemetery list go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/free_cemetaries_list.php
3. Up Dates
    1. Memorial Cemetery Of College Station and Aggie Field Of Honor ( up date the North Gate section of the cemetery)
    2. College Staton Cemetery (add a few new headstones)
4. If any one has photos they would like to see up on the site just E-Mail them to tnt@headstonesgenealogy.com and we would love to
    put them up for you.
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Clean Up Cemeteries And More  11/08/2011 09:29 pm
We have a group of people going out here in the Brazos Co TX this Saturday 12th to clean and take pictures of the cemeteries grounds and headstones. If you are in the area and would like to help out it will be starting at 11am at the fallowing cemeteries. 1. Steep Hollow Cemetery 2. Grand View Cemetery 3. Alexander Cemetery 4. Martin Prairie Cemetery. Should be adding pictures of the headstones and grounds to our web site soon after.
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The new THC Cemetery Preservation Guideline booklet can be downloaded directly from the THC website. (www.thc.state.tx.us)

Also, if you have history-teacher contacts in the local schools, I would like to share the following timely news with them:


AUSTIN,Texas-The Friends of the Governor's Mansion's annual history competition for high school students, "It's Your History," is now underway. The Friends invite students to learn more about their Texas heritage by creating a PowerPoint presentation about the history of their county. Winners are selected in several categories, including Best Overall Project, Best Images and Best Research. Texas Historical Commission staff assist in the judging of the projects. Schools will receive $500 for each winning project. Students must register by Nov. 9, 2011 and projects must be submitted by Dec. 14, 2011.

Friends of the Governor's Mansion is a Texas non-profit corporation. For more information about the contest and the Friends, visit the Friends of the Governor's Mansion website at www.txfgm.org/contest.

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