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People always ask what made us want to make this website? Well I am going to do my best to answer that here for you.

My husband and I  are interested in our genealogy and we have been looking all over the place just as you may have been doing.  Finding bits and pieces here and there, our ancestors didn't keep a very good record of their family at all, so we have been having alot of trouble finding ours. We got tired of finding them buried here or there and not having any more information on birth or death dates and when we go to see if the cemetery even exists it was hard to find them or we would come up blank, when we did find the cemetery it only had a handful of photos in them of other families. What we decided to do is try to go out and get all the headstones in the cemeteries as possible so people would not be left out,  there is a lot of first time people trying to put a family book together like us. We also got tired of putting in TX, CA, and getting other states we did not ask for, or a list of the same person 5 or more times on other websites. On our search engine you get the state you want and we try to keep it down to one listing of that person you asked for.(If you find more then one please let us know so we can fix it.)
We also had problems finding other records and we plan on adding that information to the website in the future. We hope we have made it simplier for you and if you have any ideas that you think would help please let us know. 

*And yes we do except photos from others that wish to add there family in to our database and we do need volunteers to take photos too. Just contact us at tnt@headstonesgenealogy.com for more information.*

Headstones Genealogy

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