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Cemetery: Willis Cemetery
County: Le Flore
State: OK
Completed: y

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Welcome to HeadStones Genealogy!

HeadStones Genealogy is a searchable genealogical database. We obtain our information from headstones at this time. We list all of the information from the headstones, and we try to provide you with every single headstone in the cemetery. All headstones and monuments are photographed that we can find.
We provide methods of searching by region and nationally; by name, cemetery, birth, death and more. The search results will give you a list of names and personal information that we can find, along with pictures of the headstones. This will simplify the process of finding your ancestors and/or loved-ones. We have added a blog so you can see what we have been adding to the website, and feel free to leave your comments there just as well. In our recommended page for your convenience we have added Historical, Genealogical Societies and other genealogical websites that maybe of use to you. Remember to come back often because we are always adding something new!
We like to hear from you about how we can make this website easier for you to use and what you would like us to add in the future. Your comments and opinions are very important to us. We hope you enjoy the website! 
We are now starting to add the GPS to each headstone.(So far we have some TX and OK with GPS info)

Headstones Genealogy

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